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Scooter Ad Promotions Mobile Advertising has the unique ability to drive home your company’s message or full advertising campaign wherever your target audience may be!

Boost Name Recognition - It’s a proven fact that "Mobile Billboards boost name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising." SOURCE: European Outdoor Advertising Association.

Grand Openings - Scooter Ad Promotions can create rapid local awareness, immediate sales and repeat customers. Open the doors with customers waiting to get in, exceeding all initial sales projections!

Sporting Events and Special Events Marketing - Whether it’s the week leading up to, during or after the big game or event, nothing will create more awareness or excitement that having your ad in front of thousands of people over, and over and over again!

Trade Shows and Conventions – Scooter Ad Promotions will increase awareness and foot traffic to your booth or local establishment by targeting the places where visitors will frequent while visiting the city. Whether it’s the hotel, convention center, or the walk to and from the show, put your company’s message in front of everyone.

Targeted "Night-life" Campaigns / Weekend Events - We can put together a special program focused on enhancing your specific event or campaign.


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Scooter Promotions
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Scooter Promotions
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